Sharon Prince on the Importance of Standing Up for Your Rights

Standing up for yourself is perhaps one of the best things that you can do in your life. Sharon Prince, the founder of Grace Farms, has been on the forefront in encouraging women to exercise their voices whenever they find themselves in compromising circumstances. One way through which she has managed to do so is through her Grace Farms Foundations.

Sharon Prince has been particularly vocal on matters about gender parity. She has been among those encouraging companies to hire both men and women in the same numbers devoid of any bias. She allows notes that it takes effort and courage for women to exercise their voices and stand up against any discrimination. It is particularly hard to confront power structures and those in authority when they are the perpetrators of gender discrimination.

Calling Out Sexism

Sharon Prince has been vocal in calling out instances of sexism whenever she has found herself in any situation that warrants action. She confesses that people’s actions can act as a great way of breaking down gender barriers. Sharon prince opines that there ought to be noticeable change when it comes to everyday practices such as referring to women as ‘you guys’ or married women as ‘Mrs.’ without a term for married men.

Sharon Prince notes that although sexism has reduced over the years, it’s still present in the modern age with a vast majority of women falling victims. Therefore, she reveals that the prevalence of retrogressive behavior in the contemporary era is the main reason the practice should be discouraged regardless of the circumstances. Women should be on the forefront in doing so, however risky it is or if they are the only women present in the setting.

Sharon Prince admits that collective action among men and women will eventually eliminate gender bias. A higher degree of impact will be witnessed if everybody exercises their voice.

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