SmitaShah Rallies Tech Experts for Technological Advancement

About twenty years ago, Smita Shah observed that the world of technology was somewhat ineffective; web pages took much longer time to load and sometimes failed to load despite the lengthy waiting period. There was, therefore, a need to improve, and Smita Shah was perilously towards determined to spearhead the revolution. Despite the challenges and fear of failure, she boldly steered through, with the thought that if she did not try somebody else would and they would succeed anyway.


SPAAN Tech was born; as a result, a technology-based company that she pulled talented and very resourceful personnel to innovate and invent. This company was a great stride in her life; an accomplishment that would merge her passion in Mathematics, Science, and Technology. Through her elementary education, she was able to solve complex mathematical problems that her mates found hard to do. She was continuously applauded as very few girls dared to be like her. Smita Shah found her competing with boys majorly. However, speaking in a recent interview, she explains that she was only different, but soon after became natural for her and did not let that sink into her mind as being unique.


Smita Shah explains that it is tough to find people passionate to get into Mathematics, Engineering, and Science degree. The disparity is even higher among the feminine gender, although she notably mentions that the numbers are gradually increasing. Younger women are daringly choosing to follow these career paths. She is encouraging more women and people from minority groups to join in to grow our country more. She holds the thought that the United States has not fully embraced women in Mathematics and Engineering course as has been in her native country, India. She still finds people who think that her parents are doctors to support her in such a career which is not the case. Female expertise in such jobs is indeed welcomed to see how their diversity will shape our country.


About Smita Shah


Smita Shah is a Science and Mathematics guru, a certified engineer with the LEED AP BD+C licensing currently practicing her profession in different states in America. Shah boast of rich education background in Business and Engineering from her alma mater; University of Oxford, Northwestern University and the MIT. Her excellent grasp in technology has made her a highly sought after conference speaker, a strategic advisor, an industry expert and leader whose wisdom is found in making major tech decisions and projects. Learn more:


She is the Founder of SPAAN Tech Inc, a company that offers technological solutions in technical projects. Her contribution to the company’s growth has indeed been noted; she holds the award as one of the fastest-growing companies. Elsewhere, Smita Shah is involved in mentorship programs for the youths and young professionals, advocacy of entrepreneurship and innovation.

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