Southridge Capital Discusses Cryptocurrency

The Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Southridge Capital Steven Hicks recently discussed his career and what a typical day for him looks like. He also touched on future trends that have him excited and how he maintains a high level of productivity. As the Chief Executive Officer of Southridge capital, he makes the crucial decisions necessary to lead the numerous companies under the direction of Southridge along the strategic path he has planned out for them. Mr. Hicks and his team of extremely skilled coworkers utilize their vast experience and understanding to businesses in developing a plan that maximizes potential profitability. You can visit Bloomberg for more.


Mr. Hicks says there is no typical day at Southridge but there are certain things he does to help maintain his focus and accomplish all of the tasks he has for the day. According to Mr. Hicks, he generally starts his workday by reviewing the company’s portfolio. He will routinely build a list of tasks that are to be completed on that day by himself and his staff. His work day is primarily spent focusing on ensuring the company’s investments are on course and producing, additionally, he looks for opportunities for future investments.


One future trend the Southridge Capital CEO is excited about is cryptocurrency and the potential it has to shake up the market. The popularity of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency is only expected to rise in the future despite the initial skepticism of leaders in the financial industry. An appreciable shift can be seen in the industry’s approach to cryptocurrency after their initial predictions that Bitcoin would fail proved to be incorrect. Mr. Hicks believes there is tremendous potential for cryptocurrency in the future with new types of cryptocurrency being introduced by people willing to share their ideas.


Since starting Southridge Capital the company has invested approximately $1.8 billion in companies solid potential growth opportunities and has aided more than 250 companies. The firm is comprised of expert professionals who are able to offer business advice on issues involving public companies. The firm provides their clients with a broad spectrum of solutions to meet the individual client’s needs. You can visit their Twitter page.



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