Southridge LLC Invests in Companies Providing Innovative Solutions

The financial world is characterized by rapidly evolving factors and a competitive environment. Only the best entities can survive and thrive under such circumstances. Southridge Capital is one of the companies that have experienced prosperity using unique strategies. One of the primary plans has been prioritizing the needs of their clients. They have committed themselves to helping people achieve their goals and ambitions.

Southridge Capital was founded in 1996. It specialized in direct investments and advisory services to a range of clients comprising of small and middle market companies. The Connecticut based entity has over the years supported these companies with additional finances to implement their business growth and expansion strategies. It supports companies that need equity capital to make strategic acquisitions. Southridge Capital has other offices in New York, Los Angeles, and Ontario, Canada.

It is estimated that the firm has made over $1.8 billion in the growth of companies in various parts of the world. These companies are spread in countries like Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, United States, and Asia among others. It means that the firm has an excellent understanding of the global market.

Southridge Capital’s success has been attributed to customizing financial plans for its clients for successful implementation. For instance, the firm has an Equity Purchase Agreement (EPA) which enables companies to raise capital regardless of the prevailing market conditions.

Southridge Capital assists companies to seek innovative solutions in exploring current opportunities. Its structure enables companies to enhance their creditworthiness by working with the specific creditors to eliminate debt in favor of common stock. Southridge boasts of financing over 250 public companies.

The company has invested in a team of highly experienced and talented individuals. The team is well versed in corporate issues covering financing techniques, establishing public companies as well as optimizing management of balance sheet.

Some of the companies that Southridge Capital has entered into an equity purchase agreement include Elite Data Services. The technology company provides marketing and advertising solutions. It created a unique approach that replaces conventional client-based contracts with secured asset value and proprietary technologies that increase revenues. Stephen M. Hicks, CEO and founding principal of Southridge said that they are committed to investing in innovative companies providing solutions in their respective industries. You can visit their website

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