Steve Lesnard Spearheads Promising Marketing Campaign For North Face’s Innovative Futurelight

The well respected and recognized outdoor wear company, North Face, needed someone who can introduce cutting edge innovation in fabric technology for athletic wear. And get it into the hands of pros and athletes around the world. It’ll require one who can bring as much cutting edge innovation in marketing. That’s what North Face’s Global VP of Marketing Steve Lesnard is all about, introducing North Face’s latest breakthrough fabric innovation, Futurelight. Steve Lesnard is all about innovation and marketing. He has had a successful career having led successful launching of iconic brands and unlikely niches on the global stage.

And with this latest launching of North Face’s Futurelight, Steve Lesnard has the best of worlds. His marketing innovation on top of the fabric ingenuity is to bring physical technology to the athletes who will wear them. Working closely with his niche market to inform the design of the best possible athletic wear is pure genius. Steve Lesnard’s marketing process starts with that one big idea, the result of what technological innovation has to offer and what his niche market needs. Then he takes that idea and brings to bear that one solid strategy to get it out there. One compelling idea. One effective strategy.

Steve Lesnard gets his athletes continuously informing how his innovative design is going to be and how it is best communicated globally. What can build better trust with your customers than that? That’s how Steve Lesnard creates meaningful innovation. Steve Lesnard has had extensive successful experience in global brand campaigns including Beijing 2008 and London 2012 Olympics. He was responsible for the rise of a niche market of women’s marketing business around the world and turning it into a multi-billion dollar industry. With North Face and its latest nanospinning fabric innovation, Steve Lesnard will make his next successful legacy.