Advice from Blake Mallen Making Dreams Come True

Blake Mallen is widely admired because he is a self-made millionaire. He started as an ordinary student and went ahead to become one of the leading financial investor, TED speaker, lifestyle entrepreneur, and millennial influencer. From when he was in college, he knew that doing things the way everybody was doing would not help him achieve what he had always wanted to achieve. Consequently, he was always looking for ways to go against the status quo. One of the things he did was to look for investment opportunities which would be popular. Blake Mallen was looking for his unique solutions which would help solve some of the common issues that were bothering people at that time. During those days, people were struggling with leading healthy lifestyles through eating healthy foods and losing weight. With this in mind, he co-founded Vi, which is a health transformation platform.

The platform became very popular, and in a few years, it had generated an excess of two billion dollars in revenue. He also co-founded another lifestyle brand known as ViSalus, where he is the president. These two business ventures achieved a lot of success, and this helped put him on the map. As a self made millionaire, he is always looking to assist individuals and entrepreneurs in achieving their dreams. He has been invited to hundreds of events and conferences to motivate different kinds of people. For more than two decades, he has been mentoring people, and this has provided him with his extensive experience.

Because of this, he is in a position to advise even big corporations on the right tactics they can apply to go where they have always wanted to be. Blake Mallen has been appreciated and recognized by different organizations and journals. Blake Mallen is regularly featured in prominent forums such as Forbes because of his excellent work. He has also been invited by some of the biggest companies to motivate their employees. His work takes him to different parts of the world, including countries in Europe and South America. The products from the companies he co-founded are also popular beyond the United States since they are trusted and liked. He confesses that he enjoys what he does because he is the one in control of almost all the aspects of his professional life.


JHSF/Jose AuriemoNeto/Jose Auriemo

JHSF/Jose AuriemoNeto – How Real Estate Development Process Works

Are you wondering how things work in the real estate field? Perhaps you are interested in starting a real estate business and not sure which field suits you best. Real estate is a highly profitable business and many firms and individual investors have accumulated vast fortunes in this industry. An expert like Jose Auriemo Neto has what it takes to advise and guide both beginners and experienced professionals who need help growing your portfolio. Jose Auriemo has been around for a long time and is CEO and Chairman of JHSF. Mr. Jose Auriemo has worked with many different clients and entrepreneurs and is well known in the business community.

JHSF is a renowned real estate company that focuses on high-class development projects in Brazil. Founded in 1972, JHSF has achieved tremendous growth and is one of the leaders in the property development field. The company has great expertise in developing and managing top luxury commercial and residential real estate properties and has worldwide recognition. When it comes to getting the knowledge or training to start a business, its imperative to look for a reputable source. If you have ever wanted to learn about the industry or where to get help, you need to consult a reliable professional like Jose Auriemo. Having access to one of the leading professionals is a great way to ensure that you’re following a proven path.

Jose Auriemo has managed many high-profile real estate projects and is well respected by clients and other experts in his professional field. He has built a highly reliable and knowledgeable team of real estate development professionals and has systems in place to ensure the best possible outcome in the projects he oversees. Becoming a real estate or property developer is not an easy task and it also requires lots of money. The use of leverage is a very attractive feature of this business and Jose Auriemo knows how to handle it properly. As someone responsible for managing a large team, Jose Auriemo has organization and interpersonal skills and strives to deliver top notch service.


OSI Group Mc Donalds provides insights on its hamburger making process

There have been lots of concerns about the food making and food preparation process OSI Group McDonalds. The concerns have become even more as the company has been doing quite well on the global platform of late. To deal with these concerns, this global fast-food brand offered to take the media on a tour of its factory in Gunzburg, Germany. This tour was aimed at providing the companies customers with an insight into its hamburger making process. Hamburgers are this global fast food brand bestselling offering recording more than 75 burger sells per second worldwide.

Dedicated high-standards of quality and hygiene

Eunice Koekkoek, the company’s representative who guided the media during with this tour, pointed out that they were dedicated to high standards quality and hygiene. She stated that all the meat coming to the factory is taken from the best animals. Moreover, the slaughterhouses sent their beef to the factory in large chunks to minimize the chances of bacterial contamination. This OSI Group McDonalds representative said that once the meat arrives at the factory, it is inspected and any contaminants like bones are removed. To make this process as effective as possible, x-ray inspection is standard.

Employees’ hygiene

This OSI Group McDonalds representative told the media that her company puts a lot of emphasis on employee hygiene in the making of its burgers. She stated that no employee was allowed to work if they had any viral or bacterial infection. They had to first subjected to treatment until they are well healed before resuming work. Additionally, Eunice Koekkoek said that the factory had numerous handwashing installations to make sure that employees can wash their hands regularly.

From distribution centers to restaurants directly

One of the reasons why OSI Group McDonalds burgers are of high quality is because they move from the food distribution centers to the restaurants directly. This means that as a consumer you get them while they are as fresh as they can be. Eunice Koekkoek said that this was possible as the distribution center was conveniently located next door to the Gunzburg factory. This convenience is replicated in other factories across the world.