Vinod Gupta Will Never Forget Where It All Began

Regardless of the amount of money Vinod Gupta, the Managing General Partner for Everest Group, makes he will always remember where he came from. Gupta grew up in a small town in India and went to the village school. He did get accepted to the Indian Institutes of Technology where he studied agricultural engineering.

His next step on the educational ladder was a trip to the United States to study at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln. After graduation, Gupta went to work for Commodore Corporation. His job was to create a list of mobile home manufacturers and dealers within the United States. Gupta quickly realized that no complete list existed.

He decided to take matters into his own hands and ordered phone books to make his list. He borrowed $100 to create mailers to advertise database and to his surprise orders started to pile up. That was the start of his first business. A short 20 years his company was valued at a half of million dollars. It eventually sold for $680 million. Gupta’s success has not gone to his head and it is always important for him to give back.

One cause that is close to his heart is education, especially the education of women. Vinod Gupta returned to the place of his childhood and donated a million dollars to open the Ram Rati Gupta Polytechnic.

This school was opened specifically to educate women. Fields of study include web design, textile design, computers and more. In two years, women could walk away with a degree. Gupta also gave money to his own village so they could set up a school for younger girls. His goal is to close the educational gap between Indian girls and boys.

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