The Business of Passing on the Torch of Success With Luke Lazarus Consulting

Days of Preparation

At the tender age of eight, yes, that’s right, eight years old, Luke Lazarus “launched” his first business. Lazarus was born in Perth, Australia, and spent his early years there.

He was academically bright in his grades and received many scholarship offerings for his college, but remained in Australia and decided to attend Melbourne Business School, where he completed both an undergraduate and MBA.

By the time Luke Lazarus was in college, he had already developed an advanced philosophy of business, and it came as no surprise to his peers that he went off and started four successful companies from the age of 24, when he had completed his MBA at Melbourne Business School till the age of 32.

Success Comes with Patience

In those 8 years, Luke Lazarus accomplished many business transactions and accumulated a storehouse of practical knowledge while negotiating many contracts. At the end of his quick success, he decided to re-configure his career to meet the needs of new startup companies.

He came to the conclusion that he could put together his wealth of knowledge and experience and move on with his own Australian-based consulting company named Luke Lazarus Consulting.

His new consulting company got off the ground in 2013 and has since received many recommendations and accomplishments form those who work with him. It is said that his contributions in a board meeting or conference setting are always accepted enthusiastically.

Luke Lazarus Consulting

Lazarus has worked as a business consultant for 20 years, but since 2013 specifically designed to meet the needs of startup companies. His peers and those who have worked with him applaud his ability to analyze different markets and understand the competition.

His business analytical skills help his startup teams locate potential markets for their goods as well as help them to drill down to the essence of their branding story and apply it to customers which fit the demographics of those they are most fit to have an emotional appeal.

Maximizing Time with Startups

Luke Lazarus works tirelessly with his startups to enable them to understand how they can influence customers more deeply by their story and presentation. Getting to the value behind the product and reaching the customers at where their values are is where he seeks to guide new startups.

Everything depends upon how to connect with the values the customer stands for and finding how their product can identify with those values. Read more: Luke Lazarus Helps Companies Go From Zero to IPO | Dougsandler and Luke Lazarus | Medium

After the first steps of values, Luke Lazarus teaches startups how to prepare for their launch. They will need to be able to create budgets, set their timelines and milestones they reach. Most of all strategies that will enable them to reach those goals must be firmly established.

Daily Routine

Luke Lazarus, in a recent interview, shared what a normal day is like, which is rising early and multi-tasking between short meditation period, going off to the gym to keep his body toned. He returns to have a short breakfast, then begins preparing for his meetings with clients throughout the day.

Lazarus says he is constantly juggling or multi-tasking between the several things he has to accomplish to meet his daily goals with clients he will see face-to-face, or for those business dealing thru email or phone.

Lazarus stays focused on the projects at hand and prepares his material for the meetings to capitalize on the time spent with clients.

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