The Matthew Fleeger: The President and the CEO of Oil and Gas Company

Gulf Coast Western is a private company founded back in 1970, in Dallas in the United States. It has other locations in Texas, Colorado, Mississippi, and Louisiana. The company focuses on the exploration of gas and oil. The company is also known as a joint venture as it involves partnerships. The company focuses on a relatively well-developed terrain. This is to say, and the terrain should consist of well-defined geographical and geological properties. Gulf Coast Western is exploring to expand to new other stations in the United States.

Matthew Fleeger is currently the CEO and president of Gulf Coast Western Company. The Company specializes in the exploration of oil and gas. He is highly ranked for his professionalism in oil and gas exploration, waste management and industrial tanning activities. Mainly known for his outstanding leadership qualities such as strategic is planning, contract negotiation, team building as well as entrepreneurial skills.

Before his current role, he was the founder of MedSolutions where he served as both CEO and president for 13 good years. His role in MedSolutions was specialized in transportation and disposal of medical wastes. Moreover, he was a successful and renowned entrepreneur in the tanning industry. Fleeger earned his degree from the University Cox School of Business at Southern Methodist University. Upon completion of his studies, he implanted his skills with oil and gas companies.

Exploration and research

The company mainly targets on exploration and land acquisition activities within the regions that are rich in oil and gas. Also, the company focuses on potential land within regions of USA that can be expanded soon. To facilitate quality exploration of oil and gas, the company is in partnerships with more a thousand certified collaborators worldwide. Gulf Coast Western maintains its code of ethics and the company’s integrity thus resulting in high standards of oil and exploration.

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