The Success of Maarten De Jeu

Maarten de Jeu is an experienced advisor in international strategy who has led successful growth initiatives for several global companies across Europe and the United States. Maarten was educated in the Netherlands and later moved to the United Kingdom where he completed his M. A in Social science. He also had a major in Public Administration and graduated from Leiden University in the year 2001. Maarten continued his education at the University of Oxford where he completed his MBA and graduated in 2005. He gained valuable experience in international corporate strategy from an Amsterdam based company called TVDK Management Consultants. 

Professionally, Maarten brings forth a unique mix of technical knowledge from his extensive international experience with global business networks in North America, Asia, and Europe. His technical skills show a deep understanding of globally accepted institutional and cultural settings. Maarten is an accomplished advisor to several senior executives for major Fortune 100 companies, technological start-ups, and High Net Worth, individuals. He is disciplined and has a thorough decision-making process where he builds capable multidisciplinary cultural teams. Maarten is credited for being the co-founder of the successful technological start-up called Speak-Up, which is the leading publicly listed company across Europe for ethics and compliance solutions. Learn more:

Maarten’s leadership qualities are admired. For instance, he is the founder and managing director of SVM Advisory: a boutique business that consults with potential clients to build partnerships and achieve growth. He advices his clients about the correct strategy, investment, and acquisition for their local and international business solutions. Maarten is famed for providing experts advice in global marketplaces as he holds a prominent position in advising business owners before they venture into new territories. Maarten is committed to offering quality services, respects different cultures, and follows the recommended market conditions. 

Throughout his career, he has developed a culture of success by helping local businesses reach international standards across Europe, Asia, and North America. The success of his businesses is based on the ability to follow the regulations of the ruling governments. For instance, the success of a business depends on paying taxes, especially on imports, exports, and government laws and regulations. His success is also based on valuable business partnerships and investors.

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