The Triumphant Return of Gump’s


Anyone who knows San Francisco knows Gump’s.

Gumps is a luxury retailer, that was a longtime fixture of the City by the Bay. Gump’s got its start in the 1800s. Founded by Solomon and Gustave Gump, the store initially sold frames and mirrors. Later, they expanded into art and other luxury goods.

Gump’s survived the 1906 earthquake, although the store had to move. The store also survived the youthquake of the 1960s Flower Child movement that transformed San Francisco. However, for a moment it looked like online shopping could fell Gump’s. In 2018, the legendary San Francisco store closed.

Luckily for Gump’s, a longtime fan of the chain stepped in. John Chachas used to go to Gump’s with his family as a child. They did Christmas shopping there. As an adult, he helped broker a deal for the company. When they balked at his fee, he offered to accept the store’s famous Buddha statue as payment. Gump’s agreed. That Buddha became the key to Gump’s comeback. Chachas auctioned it off, and poured the proceeds into a project to re-launch the Gump’s brand.

For the first time in decades, the Gump’s name and business is in the hands of a single family. With his wife and children, John Chachas is making big plans for the Gump’s name. Get Related Information Here.

Gump’s is set to re-launch for the holiday 2019 season, with locations in San Francisco and New York. Best of all, the Gump family is happy to see this happen. Antoinette Gump, the great-great-granddaughter of one of the founders, has said that she’s happy it will be a family business again.

Fans of high-end luxury shopping will be happy, too. The Gump’s experience includes not just luxury goods, but also knowledgeable, service-oriented staff who can make expert recommendations. See This Page for more information.


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