Tips for Using Decorative Candles in the Home

Decorative candles wonderfully add style and warmth to a home. It’s their amazing style that’s caused so many people to use them to capture their personality inside their home. Most decorative candles are scented, adding not only beauty to your home, but also fragrant smells that create a feeling of satisfaction for everyone inside.

Dozens of decorative candles are available to add to your home. Regardless of your style or the scents that make you the happiest, candles are sold to appease your needs. Choosing the best candles to place inside the home can be a daunting task with so many choices available. Ease your mind and take the advice of Donata Meirelles, an expert decorative candle and fashion designer who has the secrets that allow you to create the perfect home. Visit her on Instagram for updates

Donata Meirelles Says Leave a Candle at the Home Entrance

Candles placed at the front entrance of the home create a warm embrace immediately upon entrance as well as a subtle touch of style. Of course, if you choose a fragrance candle, the aromatic scents also greet visitors to the home.

More Candles Elsewhere in the Home

Don’t stop with placing only one candle in the home. Also ensure that a candle is placed inside the main rooms of the home, such as the living area or the home office. Also, place a candle in the bathroom, since it’s a frequented room that oftentimes contains odors. Donata Meirelles says to ensure the candles contain your favorite scents for added flair.

When to Light Candles

Did you know that candles have idal light times when they’ll work best? Light your candles at dusk if you want the best results. The perfume fragrances from the candle will welcome you home, as well as guests who come to visit. Visit: