Vinod Gupta and the Information Revolution

History is a story of countless success stories. Each and every generation has its individuals who raise to the top to meet the needs of the general population. Vinod Gupta is a modern day business man who is a classic example of this timeless tail. He was was born in India and obtained his higher education in the United States of America. He most famous for taking a single $100 loan and growing his a multi-million dollar company empire. In a recent Ideamensch interview, Vinod Gupta describes how a single idea changed the world.

His story begins upon graduating from the University of Nebraska. As a fresh college graduate, he was the perfect choice for the local mobile home company Commodore Corporation. They needed an individual who could conduct hours of research on their behalf. They wanted a list of companies who would be interested in their products, and thus Vinod Gupta had to compile this list from scratch. This was the era before the internet, and collective information was hard to come by. It was this market need that inspired Vinod Gupta to create a new information distribution company. The company was named InfoGROUP, and their mission was to make information for accessible to businesses and consumers alike.

Vinod Gupta has always kept his eyes on the long term potential of company and the industry. He become interested in how Artificial Intelligence and machine learning can affect the ways in which consumers receive information. He recently sold off InfoGROUP to create a new business named Everest Group. Instead of molding the industry directly, Vinod Gupta choose to let the next generation take the lead. He is a man who forged his own success from a single idea. The world has advanced quite a ways in recent years.

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