Industrialization is taking a paradigm shift since women are becoming part of nation-building not only as a mother but also as engineers, doctors, and politicians. Some of the world’s re-known female luminary CEOs are committed to taking this world into greater heights in terms of development. The CEO of SPAAN technology is a woman named Smita Shah. She is just one of the many women who have decided to designate their place in society. Smita Shah runs a company that is legalized to operate in many states in the United States of America. Smita was an exemplary performer in mathematics both in high school and college. As a professional engineer with remarkable skills in engineering and business education, she has remained one of the most common names to come across in both local and international media.

She is also a keynote speaker that demands a high degree of dignity in the way you treat her. Courtesy of her influence in the field of both business and engineering has earned her such respect. Her achievements have made her win many awards in the world’s business award ceremonies. Her company came into the market in 1998. It is one of the companies with an exponential rate of growth. Some complications that require engineering solutions get solved by her company.

The dedication to her work is what makes her a mentor to many youths. International relationships have also improved because of her vast extent of partnership with other companies that share the same goal as hers. Policy organizations honor the civic leadership abilities that are making her consultant for strategic advice.

According to her, the more you become wealthy, the higher the responsibility you have for society. However, it is also easy to fall if your time management skills do not satisfy your obligations. As a female entrepreneur, she has managed to uphold the respect that people give her by being intolerant to people who address her by her first name. She believes that having the men and women around you address you by your full name leaves no room for questioning who the boss is. Learn more: https://cee.mit.edu/tag/smita-shah/

It is normal to find women being easy targets to fetch coffee in an office environment. Smita is out to advise women that being a victim of such incidents might put your career in jeopardy. She is suggesting that women should avoid providing such special treatment and also rejects such treatment from men in a work environment.

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